The Best Kids 12v Motorcycle Options

On a Rush? Here’s my Best 3 Kids 12v Motorcycle

Kids everywhere love to use ride-on toys. It makes them feel like adults because they can control a motorcycle. If you want the best 12V motorcycle for your kids, it has to be from the BABLE brand. This one has cool features that your child is sure to love. However, there are reviews of other products to help you compare them all and find the right motorcycle for your little one.

Top 8 Kids Motorcycles (12V)

Now is your chance to find the best kids’ motorcycles. There are eight different products, and they’re all designed for children. With that, some of them make cool sounds or have amazing features that you want. Likewise, price is sure to be a concern, and these are all low-cost compared to other brands and voltage options. Continue reading to find out more!

BABLE 12V Kids Motorcycle

Sometimes, kids aren’t very familiar with balancing, and the BABLE brand features a three-wheel motorcycle. Called a tricycle, it lets your little one learn how to use a motorized vehicle without the fear of falling and hurting themselves.

The three wheels are arranged in such a way to promote stability, so the motorcycle doesn’t fall over.

Ultimately, this electric bike has two 6V rechargeable batteries, making it a 12V vehicle. It’s powerful, but your child can easily drive it on rugged roads because it features a dual motor. It goes over any flat surface with ease, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor play.

This 12V motorcycle features LED strips on the tires and a bright headlight, so children can play at dusk or even later. Just make sure to supervise your little ones to protect them.

There’s also a built-in AUX cord, music, and USB port. Children can play their music and favorite songs. This product is ideal for children ages 3-5. With a pedal and push-button start, the toy can be driven in reverse or forward by your tiny tot, allowing them to experience new and great things.

Tobbi 12V Kids Ride-on Motorcycle

Children everywhere are sure to love the kids’ motorcycle from Tobbi. It uses a three-wheel design, so children can keep their balance while riding it. Plus, the soft-start technology ensures that the toy launches and moves slowly, so your kid isn’t scared from abrupt movements.

This ride-on toy is quite powerful, but it’s easy to use and drive. There’s a 12V battery with a charger, so your little one gets up to 60 minutes of play in grassy areas or on the road.

You’re sure to enjoy the integrated control systems included. There is a horn, so your child can honk at insects and small animals in their way. Plus, the headlight is bright enough to see in the dark, allowing for even more hours of playtime.

There is some assembly required for this motorcycle, but the manual tells you where each piece goes. Adults often get it put together in about 30 minutes.

It’s ideal for children anywhere from 37 to 60 months old. Plus, it offers high/low speeds, push-button start, and goes forward and backward.

FITOOM 12V Kids Ride-on Motorcycle Toy

If you’ve got multiple kids, you should consider the FITOOM brand. It comes in three colors (pink, red, and blue) to match any preferences. Plus, it’s made from heavy-duty plastic, so it’s durable enough for long-term enjoyment and supports 66 pounds.

There are two big wheels (front and back) with knobby treads, so they’re wear-resistant and offer safe and smooth riding on many terrains. However, if your little one isn’t ready for a two-wheeler yet, it does come with training wheels. Help them learn to balance while playing on a fun toy! You can remove them when your child is ready.

You’re sure to appreciate this motorcycle because it comes with realistic equipment, such as a horn, music, startling sounds, and a police siren. This luxury vehicle provides your child with a true driving experience. They can feel like a superhero and fight crime or just ride around the yard.

With a powerful motor and a working headlight, kids can have many hours of enjoyment. Plus, it’s suitable for children ages 3 to 8. They can drive independently and are sure to appreciate the non-slip handlebars and start-drive switch.

Though it does require assembly, there are step-by-step instructions. Most adults have it together in about 30 minutes.

Alison 12V Motorcycle for Kids

If your kids prefer those fancy rocket-style motorcycles they see on the road, they’re sure to appreciate the Alison brand. It’s a super-cool bike that looks like it came from the future. If you connect a USB, TF card, or MP3 into the port, you can play music and get the true feel of the machine.

Plus, your little ones are sure to appreciate the realistic sounds and lifelike design. The lights work, it features an engine starting sound, and much more.

This bike is quite easy to ride and has a suspension system and training wheels to promote better balance. It’s a simple-to-ride motorcycle and has a smooth performance that your beginner is sure to love.

The wheels also feature lights, and it comes with a lit dashboard, front/rear lighting, and a push-button start function.

You also get a rearview mirror, foot brake, and hand acceleration, which is similar to adult motorcycles on the road right now. Children get a real driving experience that they aren’t soon to forget. With that, there is a soft PU (imitation leather) seat, so it doesn’t get cold before they sit on it.

TOBBI Aprilia Licensed 12V Ride-on Motorcycle

If you want something that looks real, you can’t go wrong with the TOBBI kids’ ride-on motorcycle. It features an aerodynamic body and sporty design, but it’s a kid-sized scale. It’s an officially licensed product from Aprilia.

You’re sure to appreciate the bright taillights and headlights, and there’s a loud horn. With that, you get a curved seat that is more comfortable for your little ones. It’s suitable for 37 to 72-month-old drivers and features training wheels to help with balance. Plus, the training wheels are removable, so it grows with your child.

This motorbike has an eco-friendly and sturdy plastic body that meets appropriate safety standards. When you combine that with an accelerator pedal, non-slip handlebars, and a top speed of just 3.1 MPH, you’re sure to have a safe cruise for your child.

With this electric motorcycle, you get powerful dual motors. Your little driver is sure to move forward and backward like a pro. It also comes with a start-up key to make it feel like the real thing.

Everyone appreciates the two pneumatic knobby tires, and the back one has a spring suspension. That way, the motorcycle runs smoothly on different terrain, including rocks, hills, and more.

Fit Right 12V Kids Ride-on Bike

Every kids’ dream is to ride a motorcycle. If you don’t have one available, why not buy them their own. They can drive it wherever they want (with adult supervision), and the Fit Right brand is suitable for children aged 3 to 8. It has a weight capacity of 66 pounds, which is ideal for most young riders.

There is only one forward speed of 4 mph with a reverse speed of up to 2 mph. Plus, the child operates the controls from the handlebar like a regular motorbike.

This product is powered using a 12V smart-recharging battery to prevent overcharging. Children can have riding times of about 1.5 hours, but this depends on the weight and riding conditions.

You’re sure to appreciate the music and horn sound on the steering wheel. Plus, it offers an MP3 and Bluetooth player, so you can connect to external devices and enjoy any type of music you like.

Costzon Kids 12V Electric Ride-on Motorcycle

When it comes time to give your kids more, you need the Costzon electric motorcycle. There’s a foot pedal and handlebar to control the speed, but the throttle goes up to 4 mph. In a sense, your child gets a real driving experience.

However, there are also built-in story and music modes to keep them entertained. With that, you can connect external devices to have even more fun.

Though it’s a two-wheeler, it does have training wheels. They’re easily removed when the time is right, so the toy grows with your child.

National Products 12V Police Motorcycle

Do your kids like to pretend that they’re cops? If so, you must get them the police motorcycle from National Products. It’s true to its name and features excellent detailing to look like a real police bike. Plus, there are fun lights and sound effects. On the back, there’s a storage compartment for your little one to hold their crime-fighting tools.

This motorcycle is the ideal choice for little ones who want to be police officers when they grow up!


As a parent, it’s your goal to entertain your children and keep them safe. Small ride-on motorcycles like the ones mentioned here are sure to please your kids. With the right training and usage, they can be quite safe.

While there were eight products to consider, the top choice here has to be the BABLE motorcycle. It just looks incredibly cool, is made of durable materials, and has the features you want.