Best Toddler Motorcycles for Boys & Girls

You’ve probably noticed that your toddler has a natural curiosity about everything. They want to touch, taste, and explore as much as they can because it’s all-new. The same is true with riding a motorcycle! Whether you have an old bike in the garage or are looking for something more modern, keep these tips in mind before buying anything for them:

What is a toddler motorcycle and why get one?

A toddler motorcycle is a toy that lets your toddler pretend to ride a motorcycle, just like a grown-up. Usually made of plastic or metal and working with pedals, they allow toddlers the experience of being the driver – even if it’s just going in circles! These little motorcycles can help them learn balance and coordination as well as hand-eye coordination.

What to look for when buying a toddler motorcycle:


A lot of toddlers can’t reach the pedals and brakes on a real motorbike so you need to find one that fits them well. A lot of bikes are adjustable, but if your child is unusually short or tall you might have problems.


Some toddler motorcycles are tricky to change gear or use the pedals. You don’t want something that will break down, so test it properly before you buy. Look for an all-terrain/off-road version with big brakes and wide handlebars.

Easy Control:

Remember how they explore everything? A toddler motorcycle should have a good range of gears and brakes that don’t require too much strength to use. Stability is also important so they can get on with the riding.


These bikes are great fun, but they aren’t cheap! You might want to think about getting one from a second-hand store or buying a motorcycle with them as they grow.

The best Toddler Motorcycles on the market

All of these bikes match the above criteria and are great fun for your little one!

Aosom Kids Motorcycle Electric Motorcycle

This electric motorcycle is perfect for your kid! It has various functions that are fun for your child while still being safe.

It has a rechargeable 6V battery with working headlights, driving sounds, horn sound, and six songs are included. The 2 smooth-rolling wheels are great for indoor or outdoor use while the removable training wheels make it easy to use.

The maximum weight capacity is 44 lbs, it has a speed of 1.86 – 3.7 MpH with a handle switch on the steering wheel. working headlights, horn sound, and six songs included 2 smooth-rolling wheels for indoor or outdoor play. removable training wheels make it easier to use, 43″L x 20.5″W x 27.75″H dimensions, battery indicator LED light when it is on

This motorcycle allows your child to enjoy all the functions like a real motorcycle while still being safe and easy to use.


  • Electric motorcycle with various functions
  • 2 smooth-rolling wheels
  • Maximum weight capacity 44 lbs
  • Battery indicator LED light when it is on


  • Some say the music isn’t loud enough to hear over the noise.

Costzon Kids Motorcycle

This Costzon Kids Motorcycle is three-wheeled. This has got built-in music and headlights, which can make it look more like a big motorcycle.

This Costzon Kids Motorcycle has got a power-saving steel frame. There is no way for this toy to make your children feel tired, and the kids will be satisfied with such a comfortable toy. Can you believe that the 3-wheeled motorcycle can be charged for about 8-12 hours?

The Costzon Kids Motorcycle has got a load capacity of up to 44 lbs. So, your kids can play with this bike all day long and there won’t be any problem at all.

This three-wheeled motorcycle can go at a speed of 3km/h, which is perfect for children to go around. This will also help the kids develop their motor skills.

This three-wheeled motorcycle is 26″×14.5″×17.5″(L×W×H) in size, and it doesn’t seem that big after all. Your kids will feel like they are riding a real motorcycle with this toy.

The Costzon Kids Motorcycle is a clean toy, and it won’t make your kids get dirty when playing with the bike. Your kids will think this 3-wheeled motorcycle is cool.


  • Kids can feel like they are on a real motorcycle.
  • Costzon Kids Motorcycle is easy to ride.
  • Takes about 8-12 hours to charge.
  • Good for children’s motor skills.


  • Has got a weight capacity of up to 44 lbs.

Fit Right 12V Kids Motorcycle

Just like a real motorcycle, this product has 12V electric motors, rather than the traditional red and green colors for kids’ products. In fact, it is proved to be one of the safest kids’ electric motorcycles with excellent design and engineering. Because of its dual-motor system, it drives smoothly without shaking even on a steep hill.

The seatback is quite high which provides enough legroom for the kids to sit on it comfortably. This product has all the necessary safety measures such as Integrated Bluetooth and USB Flash Drive, Headlight, and Weight Capacity up to 66 lbs. The maximum speed of this motorbike is 4 mph and driving time is up to 1.5 hours on a single battery charge.

This product has audio input and a micro sd card, which means that you can connect your smartphones or music players with it to enjoy full entertainment while riding this motorbike. Your kid will definitely have the best time of their life on this motorcycle because of its amazing speed, design, comfort, and sturdiness. All these features make this product the best electric motorcycle for kids.


  • This product has 12V electric motors, rather than the traditional red and green colors for kids’ products.
  • It is proved to be one of the safest kids’ electric motorcycles with excellent design and engineering.
  • The seatback is quite high which provides enough legroom for the kids to sit on it comfortably.
  • All the necessary safety measures such as Integrated Bluetooth and USB Flash Drive, Headlight, and Weight Capacity up to 66 lbs. This product has all the necessary safety measures such as Built-in Electric Brake System, Soft PU Leather Seat, and Dual Training Wheels.


  • The maximum speed of this motorbike is 4 mph which may not be fast enough for some teenagers.

Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle

The Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle is a great machine for your kids. It has a 3-wheel design and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle has a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds, it features a key switch, an accelerator pedal bike, built-in music, LED lights, and a horn. The Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle has a soft speed system and anti-slip wheels to ensure the stability of the machine. It has been tested and it is certified to be ASTM-compliant, so you can be sure that this product is completely safe for your kids. The Kidzone Ride On Motorcycle also features a 6V rechargeable battery and it is usable for 1-2 hours after which the charging time of 8-12 hours. The age range for any 3-year-old and above.


  • It is compatible with a 3-wheel design, so your kids can use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 66 pounds.
  • It has an LED light that flashes to the music.


  • The battery life isn’t very long.
  • There are no braking systems for the Kidzone Ride-On Motorcycle.

Things to consider before buying a toddler motorcycle:

  • Make sure they are completely safe for your child, don’t skimp out on safety even if you have to pay a bit more.
  • If the toddler motorcycle has pedals make sure your child’s feet can reach them comfortably and that it is easy for them to use. Also, consider their strength before buying as some toddlers may not have the strength to pedal yet.
  • Consider if you want a toddler motorcycle with gears or not, and check that your child can change them easily before buying it.
  • Make sure the handlebars are wide enough so the bike doesn’t get away from your little one.
  • Check where you can buy replacement parts for any future repairs/adjustments needed.
  • Think about price- you might need to pay more for safety but if it means the perfect fit then it is worth it! You may also want to buy a cheaper alternative first and upgrade later on.

Tips for getting your child ready to ride a bike :

It’s best to teach your child to balance on a bike before you attach pedals, so they can recognize how it feels to be on two wheels. Start with balancing them on something unstable like an exercise ball or inflatable mattress for babies, then move on to standing still or walking along with the help of some furniture or helpers. It’s also a good idea to take your child along with you on a bike ride or get them their balance bike. You can pick up one of these bikes for as little as $30, and it’ll last until they’re big enough to use pedals with full-sized bikes.

Be patient! Don’t pressure your kid into riding if they don’t want to do it!

You might also want to try a motorized toddler motorcycle. These can help you get started on a great hobby and riding experience while your child gets the hang of things. Just keep in mind that motorized motorcycles typically have high horsepower engines, so be sure to follow all instructions for safety and training. Remember- safety first!

So, you’re ready to buy a toddler motorcycle. Just make sure you take all of this advice into consideration and everything will be great! Good luck!

How to teach your youngster how to ride a motorcycle

Do you want to teach your kid how to ride a bike? Learning how to ride a bicycle is an exhilarating feeling, especially when done independently. However, getting them ready for this task requires patience and perseverance on the part of both parents and children.

Here are some tips that can help in teaching your child how to ride a bike:

Start slow

It is important to start slow. Even though your child may have all the enthusiasm of learning how to ride a bike, riding on busy streets can be dangerous for them. You should teach them on quiet areas first, then move onto busier roads as they become more confident.

Make it fun

You don’t want your child to feel like they are being forced to learn how to ride a bike. This can lead to resentment and create an unpleasant atmosphere for learning. If you crush their spirit, then it will be difficult for them to do something that requires so much hard work. You should remain positive by encouraging them along the way even if they struggle.

Make practice a habit

You should teach your child how to ride before the summer holidays start. Busy roads are dangerous for new riders, so they should get their training out of the way early. If you motivate them, then it will be easy for them to adjust to the school routine by getting up early in the morning to practice cycling.

It takes time and effort, but you just need to be patient and believe that your child can do it. Remember to remain positive even if they struggle initially because the learning experience is not only for them. It’s also for you too! You are soon going to have a new hobby that allows you some fresh air while keeping your kid active. All of this is possible if you teach your child to ride a bicycle without any difficulty.

Can a 2-year-old ride on a motorcycle?

2-year-olds are just learning to walk, but can you imagine them riding a motorcycle? The average toddler weighs about 40 pounds and has a fairly good balance. Now that it is clear that your child can ride a bike, let’s talk about how your 2-year-old can get on the road to riding the motorcycle of their dreams.

First, let them get used to the idea of a motorcycle. If you have one, take them for a ride on it- they’ll probably love the experience and want to continue riding.

Next, find a good location for them to ride their toddler motorcycle. It should provide some flat, wide-open area, preferably with a motorcycle training course.

Now, let’s take a look at the best toddler motorcycles on the market and what you need to know before buying one for your child.

Customized Tikes Motorcycle

This is an incredibly popular option for parents who want their 2-year-olds to ride safely and comfortably. There is a seat and buckle system, which allows them to be strapped in for safety. This ensures that you can go on motorbike rides without worrying about your child falling off while riding on the road.

What is a good bike for a 2-year-old?

This is an excellent choice for parents who are looking to get their 2-year-old young toddler used to riding on a motorcycle. The wheels are 12 inches in size, which allows your child’s feet to touch the ground when they are sitting down. This gives them balance and can help with steering later on.

Is it safe for a 2-year-old to ride on a motorcycle?

This isn’t a fully-fledged motorcycle, so it doesn’t have any kind of engine. It is pushed by kids and helps them develop balance. This means that they may fall off from time to time but the only injuries would be mild scrapes or bruises from falling over. You can always opt for the training wheels if you want to go the extra mile.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

This is another good toddler motorcycle for those who are looking to get their kids used to motorbikes. It offers a realistic off-road riding experience and looks like a smaller version of an adult bike. The bike can run on grass with ease, which is an excellent option if you want to get your child used to riding on mixed surfaces.

What are training wheels?

This bike comes with a set of training wheels, which will give your child a good way to balance themselves as they learn how to ride. If you’re serious about getting them started then the training wheels are a must-have.

It has a lot of power, which means that it can go at relatively high speeds with ease. However, this also means that it is dangerous to ride on the road. This is because your child will be riding on the same road as cars and other vehicles- something that you want to avoid at all costs!

Motorized Trike for Toddlers

This is a trike that’s designed with a motorized engine. This means that you can attach it to a bicycle and your child can pedal along as they gain control of the throttle. Once they have got used to the idea of riding bikes then you can start to add in some training wheels if needed.

What age should a child be to ride a motorcycle?

This is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to gain balance and coordination. It provides the right amount of power so you can teach them how to cycle quickly and still have control over their movement. This allows your toddler to build up some serious speed and gain confidence when riding bicycles in general.