The Best Mini Motorcycles for Kids

On a Rush? Here’s My Best 3 Best Mini Motorcycles for Kids

Getting your child a mini bike might be one of the best presents you could give them in their whole life.

They can ride by your side while you go to the park and relax, and they can feel like they’re riding a real motorbike. However, the process can be challenging, especially if you don’t know anything about motorbikes.

What Is a Mini Bike?

A mini bike is one of man’s greatest inventions for young riders. It’s basically a small motorbike built specifically for children or teens, so they can enjoy some time outdoors.

It often has specific features such as a 4-stroke engine or a 40cc 4-stroke engine, an exhaust heat shield, or riser handlebars. The precise characteristics depend on the model.

Are Mini Bikes OK for Kids?

Mini bikes are specifically built for children. They’re completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about that if you’re thinking about getting one for your loved one.

A minibike often has precise characteristics such as a 2-stroke mechanism, but it also has brakes to make sure that each time your kid is riding, they can be safe. Besides, most of them are not gas-powered – they are electric. Thus, you don’t need to worry about gas.

Your child can use them once you guarantee they’re safely charged and ready to go.

How Do I Choose the Best Mini Motorcycle for Kids?

The best way to choose a good pocket bike is to take a look at reviews, compare different models, and pick the one that fits your budget. Additionally, you should always consider what you think your child might enjoy.

You could go for a Coleman Powersports ct100u, for example, but you probably have no idea what that is. Therefore, you should check out different reviews to get informed about the various models out there, and then decide.

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Likewise, we also get fees by advertising certain products. Even so, we would never recommend anything but the best ride for your child.

Best Mini Bikes List

Check out the following list with the top bikes, and compare them to choose your favorite!

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross

The MX350 by Razor is an amazing electric motocross bike you can easily find. Among all the gas-powered mini bikes, this one offers features your kid is surely going to enjoy.

It’s one of the best mini bikes out there because it offers a high torque, an adjustable angle, safety features, and more. The disc brakes are operated by hand, so your child can be protected at all times when they’re going on a top speed.

The mini dirt bike is a great option for kids 13 years and up, and it supports up to 140 pounds. With a two-level rechargeable battery system, the mini bike’s steel frame can work for a long time until it needs to be charged again.

SX350 Electric Motocross by Razor

Another rocket electric motocross bike you have to check out is the SX350 by Dirt Rocket McGrath. This model was inspired by one of the most prolific dirt bike riders of all time: Jeremy McGarth.

The gas-powered mini bike is the perfect gift to give a child.

When they get on it and ride it at top speed, the electric mini bike can roar under their weight and make them feel like they’re incredible riders.

The mini bike can go up to 14 mph, which is a great speed considering other options when you’re looking for bikes for kids. Additionally, the front and rear disc brakes are completely safe, and the rear one is operated by hand.

Once your child learns to ride the minibike correctly, they can enjoy their time without worrying about suffering any injuries.

Razor is famous for providing incredible bikes with a steel frame, and this motocross is not the exception to that. The mini bike has a front and rear unique design, which might amaze you and your kid from the moment you look at it.

Razor Dirt Rocket Model SX500 McGrath Electric Bike

Jeremy McGarth has inspired many of the now-known pocket bike models, including the SX500. It’s a top-of-the-notch alternative if you’re looking for a high-quality electric mini bike for your kid.

Your child can use the bike for 40 minutes straight when it has its full charge. It’s one of the best mini bikes since it offers authentic McGarth design and features, including a chain drive, amazing speed, and great brakes, even though they’re not hand-operated.

The mini bike’s features are great for a kid who wants to learn how to ride a gas mini trail bike. Among all the bikes available, not every one of them offers pneumatic tires, but this one does.

Additionally, the pull start allows the engine to roar once your kid learns how to maneuver it.

Lil’ Rider Electric Motorcycle for Kids

Even the youngest kids in the house can enjoy the most amazing features of a good mini bike. You don’t need to be scared. If you follow the list of the best mini bikes, you can find street-legal and safe motorbikes for your children.

The Lil’ Rider is one of the most important representatives when it comes to making great mini bikes for young kids. The mini bike is perfect for toddlers from 3 to 6 years old.

If you get the mini bike by Lil’ Rider, your kid can get an electric motor and low-pressure tires to transport them wherever you want. The young rider can enjoy the engine and the make-believe gas tank.

To make the bike work, all you need is to put it on a smooth surface. Then, the metal frame and stroke motor is at your command.

Freddo Chopper Style Electric Ride On Motorcycle for Kids

Along with Coleman Powersports, Razor, and Lil’ Rider, Freddo Chopper is also an amazing brand that sells mini bikes for children. The brand is an expert at giving children a good twist-grip throttle, a stroke engine, and knobby tires in every mini bike it builds.

This mini bike is ideal for toddlers, and it has three wheels to keep them well-balanced when they sit down to have fun.

Even though it’s made for very young people to ride, it’s an authentic dirt bike parents can get their children.

The mini bike can go up to three miles per hour, which can drive your child crazy with glee. Additionally, it includes sound effects that might make them feel like they’re riding a real adult motorbike.

RSF350 Electric Street Bike by Razor

As it was previously mentioned, Razor mini bikes are incredible for children who want to ride without training wheels and enjoy the incredible power of a good engine.

The RSF350 comes in red and black, which is perfect for many youngsters. It offers a classically built chassis that resembles an adult bike and has a stroke gas ready for the rider to enjoy.

The mini bike is completely fuel-efficient since it uses a rechargeable battery.

Furthermore, when your kid is riding it, they can enjoy the rear brake and everything offered by the bike. Features also include fairings that are shatter-resistant, rubber grips in its handlebars, and more.

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike

The MX650 by Razor is one of the most popular models of the brand due to its compact engine and great features. Children who ride it often feel filled with joy as they enjoy the knobby tires and the dual suspension characteristics.

With this mini bike, your children can feel like they’re riding a real adult motorbike. It’s a unique model that offers an authentic geometry, rarely found in other street-legal mini bikes.

The mini bike sold by Razor is one of the best non-gas-powered mini bikes out there. Once you charge the battery, it lasts up to 40 minutes. Therefore, your child can enjoy it for a long time before having to charge it again.

RSF650 Razor Motorbike

Also by Razor, the RSF650 is another popular model for young ones who wish to ride a powerful bike. It supports up to 220 pounds, and it’s ready for any child to use.

It includes a rechargeable battery and lasts up to 12 hours, making it one of the most long-lasting bikes out there. Additionally, it has 12″ pneumatic tires and a great motor.

Finding the Best Dirt Bikes

You may have many doubts when you’re looking for the best mini bike for your child. On many occasions, you might feel scared because you’ve never seen one before and you think your kid might hurt themselves while riding.

Fear is completely normal as a parent. However, remember that mini bikes are specially designed for children, so your kid can be completely safe while riding.


Now that you have a list of the top bikes on the market, you can choose the one that fits your needs – and your kid’s wishes!