Best Motorcycle for Girls

On a Rush? Here’s My Best 3 Motorcycle for Girls 2022

Kids’ motorcycles and electric bikes have parents everywhere running to the store for their child. A ride-on moto or bike is by no means one size fits all, with so many models on sale today.

Size, color, price, and features all play a big part in choosing the best option for your child, and for a girl, there is a whole different set of rules!

Girl’s motorcycles should be cool, functional, and stylish. Toddlers up to 15-year-olds are dreaming of electric bikes and motorcycles, so here are some of the top brands to watch out for.

Top 8 Ride on Motorcycle Picks for Girls 2022

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro-Style Kid’s Ride-On – Most Stylish

There is no better electric motorbike for pre-teen girls than the Razor Pocket Mod. Style, class, and speed are some of the words that come to mind when you think of a retro European-designed motorcycle, and all three are equally appropriate here.

Razor is one of the leading brands across every kind of electric bike, so you know you are getting quality, service, and professionalism in any product you buy from them. The Pocket Mod is the priciest motorcycle on this list, with the price ranging from $250-$520, but for good reason. Powered by a 24V battery, it can reach speeds of 24 km per hour (15 mph) for roughly 45 minutes of continuous riding, easily covering a ten-mile trip.

Children and teenagers up to 170 lbs can have the full moto experience with this bike, which is so much more than a toy! Under-seat storage is perfect for school books or a packed lunch so your child can enjoy unlimited fun. They are sure to like the freedom this ride affords them.

Girls can choose from a color selection including lilac, pink, blue, black, and red. These options are varied enough that even a young teen focused on looking good at all times can feel trendy and unique.

Razor Pocket Mod Petite – Most Stylish for Younger Kids

The Razor Pocket Mod Petite is the little sister of the Razor Pocket Mod. With all the same class as the aforementioned Euro-style motorcycle, it looks just like the vintage classic but in a miniature frame, this is the best choice on sale in this price range for the most stylish younger girls up to 110 lbs.

Every child reaches a point where they want to do what the big girls are doing and don’t just want a little toy bike! The Pocket Mod Petite is the solution for parents in this sensitive situation.

Although it looks nearly identical to the larger model and is built in much the same way, it runs on a 12V battery rather than a 24v. A 12V still provides enough power to keep the bike running smoothly for around 40 minutes of drive time, but the maximum speed is reduced to 13 km per hour (eight mph)- more than fast enough for a child of seven years old.

As well as being an attractive ride-on motorcycle for kids, the Pocket Mod Petite is also very hardy and robust. Pneumatic tires and a resilient steel frame let your child ride worry-free.

The bike runs a little cheaper than its larger counterpart, coming in with a price of $270.

Freddo Chopper-Style Electric Three-Wheel Ride-On Motorcycle – Best Bike for Cool Kids

Is your toddler the coolest kid on the block? Do they want to be? With the Freddo Chopper-Style Electric Motorcycle, that title is sure to be awarded! The body is designed with all the classic chopper-style standouts, from the raised handlebars and flashy rear-view mirrors to the oversized headlight and backrest.

The extra-sturdy and perfectly balanced three wheels make this a perfect toy for toddlers ages one to four. Although the maximum weight capacity is around 60 lbs, the recommendation for best performance is around 20 lbs.

The 6V battery can be left to charge overnight and stores enough power to last for around an hour’s worth of drive time. The top speed is 5km per hour so it is safe for young riders.

Available in several color options including orange, pink, and blue: this kids’ motorcycle can match any girl’s personality and style. At around $150, the Freddo Chopper ride-on is a great buy for the coolest little girls and boys in town.

Costzon Kids Ride-On 12V Motorcycle – Best Educational Bike

Costzon Kids has a fantastic selection of battery-powered ride-on and bikes for children of all ages. The first on our list for girls and boys is the 12V motorcycle for kids, complete with training wheels. This two-wheel bike looks like the real thing and comes with high-powered lights to keep your child noticeable and safe.

Many of Costzon Kids’ bikes have an educational focus, and this toy is no exception. The training wheels are there to help your child learn to balance and the built functions allow for fun interactive storytelling to teach traffic awareness and road safety.

Riding these bikes should be fun, but there is never too early an age to start teaching kids how to ride in a safe way.

One of the best features of this bike is the USB-controlled music feature. Your child can control the music played while they ride via a connected mobile device!

This toy bike is aimed at ages three to five. The price is in the range of $230 and comes in neutral colors to suit girls or boys.

Lil’ Rider Electric Motorcycle for Kids – Best Price

Girly girls are sure to love this hot pink ride. The Lil’ Rider Three-Wheel Motorcycle is aimed at kids aged three to five years old weighing up to 45 lbs. Children love the bright colors, fun details, and easy pedal controls, while parents love the easy wipe-clean surfaces and bargain price of around 60 bucks.

There is a lot to like about this toy, not least the safety aspects. The lightweight and perfect balance make the Lil’ Rider easy to handle, keeping a smile on your little riders’ faces. Speed limits are set at three km per hour and the battery quality is great.

Alison Children Rechargeable Three – Wheel Motorcycle for Kids – Pink Paradise

No little girl could resist this funky pink motorcycle. With built-in music, fun accessories, and multi-colored lights on the wheels, the Alison Children Electric Motorcycle stands out from the crowd.

Three wheels make this motorcycle great for toddlers, with great balance, a comfy seat, and safety controls that are easy to use for kids as young as three years old.

Children who want a bike that looks like the real thing are going to love the realistic body shape and sound effects. Children up to 66 lbs can ride this bike, with the recommended age range aimed at up to five. If you charge the battery overnight you can expect up to two hours of riding time for your child.

Alison Toys are known for fast delivery and easy assembly. This motorcycle has a price tag of roughly $230 and is available in either pink or blue, so boys and girls can all enjoy the fun this toy can bring.

Pulse Performance EM 1000 E-Motorcycle – Best Start for Dirt Bikes

Older girls who love being out on bikes and are ready to take the next step can start on the Pulse Performance EM 1000. The cool pink/purple and grey design stands out from other bikes of this kind and makes it perfect for any girl looking to make a statement.

Falling into the dirt bike category, this is one cool motorcycle that packs a serious punch. At speeds of up to 16 km per hour (10 mph), the rechargeable battery lasts up to an hour of full-powered fun. Recommended for ages eight and older, the EM1000 requires good balance and confidence in riding a bike.

Unlike other toys on this list, this kids’ bike has a chain-powered motor and can handle some off-roading, so girls or boys who are budding adrenaline junkies are sure to love it.

The price sits just under $250. The steel frame is heavy-duty and the tires extra thick and durable, so this bike could potentially last for years.

Tamco Kids Ride – On Moto Bike in Hot Pink – Best Bike for Early Years

If you have a two-year-old child who is mad about pink and bikes search no further. The size, shape, safety, and price of this ride-on motorcycle tick every box when shopping for an age-appropriate electric bike, and it looks just like a real motorcycle!

Aimed at the two to four-year-old age group, the Tamco Electric Motorcycle has all the bells and whistles of other bikes on this list but in a much dinkier size.

This bike could not be any easier for your child to ride, with training wheels in place to keep them upright for hours of fun. Complete with music and lights for extra entertainment, this little pink bike can hold your kids’ attention without issue.

At under $100, the price is a bargain. Add free delivery with and what is not to love!

Final Thoughts

Before running out to pick up any old electric bike for kids, think about their personality! Every bike on this list makes an excellent choice for little girls, whether or not they love pink! A pink bike is great but you should consider other features first.

Girls can rock a motorcycle just as well as boys can, and any bike on this list can do the job!