What is the cheapest motorbike for kids?

On a Rush? Here’s My Best 3 Cheapest Motorbike for Kids

Those who want the cheapest dirt bikes are sure to appreciate the SYX Moto. It doesn’t have a battery or run and isn’t electric. With that, there are no training wheels, and it’s a gas-powered dirt bike. They are often fun for young riders, and they are budget- and kid-friendly.

The best thing about riding the SYX Moto is that it looks like a regular dirt bike. Kids are sure to appreciate the sleekness of the bike.

The Cheapest and Best Kids Dirt Bikes

While the SYX Moto might be the best, there are other great dirt bikes for kids. Many of them shoot like a rocket and use gasoline as fuel. Generally, an electric bike costs more. Still, you want your child to be safe, and the bikes we talk about today focus on safety. While there are no training wheels or a battery, they still pack a punch. Check out each bike below.

SYX Moto Kids Mini Dirt Bike

If you don’t want an electric engine, the SYX Moto could be the right choice for you. This bike has a 50cc engine and a uniquely stylish design.

This is actually a beginner dirt bike for kids, and you’re sure to appreciate the excellent rear suspension. Ultimately, you can ride on any road with supreme comfort. This is, in part, because the SYX doesn’t use a lawnmower engine as other brands do.

It offers a speed of 24.9 mph, and for a kids’ dirt bike, that is some major power. However, it’s possible to limit the speed so that they don’t go riding at full speed until they’re ready. It goes from 15 mph to 30 mph effortlessly, and this motorcycle isn’t as noisy as other gas-powered dirt bikes.

Plus, the brake disc makes braking smooth and easy. Children can easily control themselves and brake whenever they need to.

You don’t need a clutch, but some throttle might be necessary to help it warm up. Plus, there is an automatic transmission, and it holds a weight of 160 pounds. Get on there yourself and show them how to use the transmission.

This dirt bike is ideal for age ranges of 6 years and higher. The size is just right, and the best part is the kick-stand, which is durable for the price. With a seat height of 23 inches, it’s ideal for many kids.

X-Pro Cyclone 40cc Dirt Bike

The X-Pro is one of the best brands of motorcycles, and the four-stroke offers better performance than a two-stroke engine. Plus, this dirt bike comes with important safety accessories, such as goggles, face masks, and gloves.

The top speed for this engine is 22 miles per hour. Though it’s a fast bike with plenty of power, it’s easy to show your young rider how to use it correctly. With that, its size is small enough that it can’t guzzle fuel. You can see decent gas mileage, and the acceleration is quite steady when compared to two-strokes. Therefore, bike handling isn’t an issue because your kids can go up and down at a steady rate.

Plus, this is a noiseless machine. This bike has much to offer. There’s no real suspension system, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference here. While there is a kick-stand, it seems to be placed further back on this dirt bike. Kids might have to get off and maneuver around to stand the bike upright.

X-Pro Supersized 196CC Mini Bike

Your kid is likely to outgrow things fast, so it’s hard to buy things for them. However, the X-Pro Supersized dirt bike is designed to grow with your child, even into their teen years, and holds 200 pounds of weight.

With that, it has plenty of power, and the wheels turn as fast as 25 MPH. Whether you’re on a bumpy or smooth terrain, the front suspension softens those blows. Therefore, the rider never feels any pain. Off-roaders are sure to appreciate the wide and large tires for more stability, too.

You’re sure to appreciate the safety features, such as the engine stop switch and the engine shield. Plus, there’s a chain guard on the dirt bike to keep out mud.

Another of the great features is that it is ideal for kids in the 13-year age group. For a great ride at the best speed, your children are sure to be impressed that it’s not an electric motorcycle and the price isn’t that bad.

At a max speed of 25 miles per hour and a durable motor and throttle, this is one of the top dirt bike options for riding. While the twist-grip handles help, the size of the person matters. With that, you get a seat height of 24 inches and an overall height of 40 inches.

Fit Right DB003 40CC Off-road Bike

The Fit Right is ideal for girls, and it has a durable engine. There are no issues with gear changes while riding. Plus, it’s suitable for girls at an age of 10 or more.

This is an EPA-approved bike, so you know it’s high-quality for riding anywhere. The proven clutch cuts power when riders need to do so. With that, you have front and rear disc brakes to help you stop the ride when needed. There’s no need to shift the automatic transmission at the right time.

Your kid is sure to enjoy riding, and the top speed is just 27 miles per hour. It’s the perfect size and fun, making children feel like they’re on motorcycles. Plus, the automatic chain-driven transmission is perfect. On top of it all, the weight of this dirt bike isn’t that heavy, suitable for girls.

Coleman Powersports Pocket CT200U-B

If you want something basic, the Coleman pocket bike has what you need. In a sense, you just get a metal frame with an engine in the center and a place to hold the tires. However, this simplicity shouldn’t fool you.

Those who don’t want an electric bike are sure to appreciate this gas engine. These dirt bikes for kids feature a top speed of 20 mph, making them ideal for any age, though they are recommended for 13-year-olds.

While the highest speed is 20 mph, it can go slower, for a smoother ride. Plus, the features help your kid feel like they’re on a motorcycle, and the price is fairly decent.

This is the perfect size to have fun, and your child has rear drum brakes that prevent the wheels from shifting, even on a hill.

However, the throttle is a bit off, but the rider is sure to appreciate the quality build of this dirt bike.

X-Pro 40Cc Mini Dirt Bike

For riders who are quite young, the X-Pro 40CC is a great choice. This one features a four-stroke engine and runs on gas. It also comes with other accessories, so when you ride against the wind, the goggles and gloves are beneficial. Even with the twist-grip handles, control is crucial here.

While electric dirt bikes are often considered better, those running on gasoline feel more like a motorcycle. Just be careful because the weight is heavier, as well. Still, there is a good top speed and a durable motor with this bike. Your kid is sure to appreciate the excitement of riding, and you can enjoy the low price.

49cc Kids’ Gas Powered Mini Bike

While this brand doesn’t quite make it to a 50cc engine, it does have plenty of power. There’s also a decent top speed, and the flameout switch feature ensures that the motor cuts out immediately to avoid accidents while you ride.

This bike runs on gas and features a strong chain drive to get more torque. One of the great features of these motorcycles is the front and rear disc brakes. With that, you also get front and rear shock absorbers.

There is a range of safety benefits, and your child is sure to appreciate the decent seat height, strong frame, and everything else.

X-PRO 40cc Mini Dirt Bike

If your child isn’t that young, now is the time to consider the X-PRO dirt bike. It has a durable motor and a two-stroke gas engine. While it’s a 40cc and not a 50cc, you aren’t likely to notice the difference.

The rider feels like they’re on a rocket with the strong throttle, and it goes up to 31 mph. You don’t feel the gear change, but the brakes stop you quickly. Plus, there’s a seat height of 60 cm and a range of other benefits.


Generally, kids’ dirt bikes are expensive. You want your child to have everything they want, but you can’t spend that much money. If that’s your situation, there are inexpensive options, and the best one is the SYX Moto brand. It’s as powerful as a rocket, but it’s also quiet and safe to use. Just make sure that you show your children how to properly use a dirt bike so that there are no issues later.