What Is the Best Motorbike Brand for Kids?

On a Rush? Here’s My Best 3 Motorbike Brand for Kids

8 Best Motorbike Brand for Kids – a Detailed Look

With many motorbike styles and brands, it is important to choose the right one for your kids. One of the best brands is Yamaha because it offers many great features, has decent prices, and is quite safe. However, you can’t go by that alone. You need to know about the eight best motorbikes to find the right brand for your kid. This guide can help you find the right kids’ bike.

Top 8 Dirt Bikes for Kids

Here are the top eight kids’ bikes available. Some of them have training wheels, and other bike brands offer different features.

TOBBI 6V Kids Ride On Motorcycle

The Yamaha 6-Volt bike is an excellent choice for a dirt bike. The brand produces great products for riders of all experience levels and ages. This is the perfect electric dirt bike that can help young riders get a feeling of dirt bike riding.

Those who are looking for something inexpensive are sure to appreciate this kids’ bike. With that, this bike for kids is considered incredibly safe. However, kids and adults can get hurt on anything, even if it isn’t motorized. Therefore, you must teach your children the proper safety etiquette for riding dirt bikes. You should also think about supervising your children when they ride this mountain bike at top speed.

Here are a few of the best reasons to get this kids’ bike:

Training Wheels

One of the things to consider when buying dirt bikes is developing balance. Though this isn’t a balance bike, it does offer training wheels. That way, your kid understands how to stay steady while the dirt bike is moving.

Low Speeds

Speed is a significant factor for beginner riders. The dirt bike from Yamaha only goes 2.5 MPH, which is a great speed. Those who are just starting are sure to be unsteady and learning balance. Remember, this isn’t a regular mountain bike!


You’re sure to appreciate the steel frame. That’s a good sign because it shows that the bike is durable and reliable. That way, your child can have many adventures.

With the many safety features available, this is a great dirt bike for your 6-year-old or older youngster. They can have a fun toy to ride around the neighborhood or yard. Pay attention to the size, though, because it could be too small for your child. Though the seat height is adjustable, they need to reach the pedals effortlessly.

Qaba 6V Kids Ride on Bike

Qaba is a lesser-known brand, but it does have great dirt bikes. You are sure to be impressed with the kids’ electric Motocross bike from the company.

With that, it has a lower price tag than some manufacturers. The kids’ bikes are inexpensive while still providing great safety features and benefits.

Speaking of safety, this is solely up to you and your young rider. However, the Aosom bike does have many great features that contribute to safety while having fun and riding. Here are a few things you should note about the dirt bikes from this brand:

Low Speeds

While speed is part of riding, this is also where kids can get hurt. Therefore, the highest speed is only 2.5 MPH. Your youngster can get used to the front and rear suspension and steering while they learn and enjoy themselves.

Many people call this a balance bike because it helps you stay upright. Though it isn’t a manual mountain bike, it does have the same feeling. If your child is used to riding a bike, they shouldn’t have problems with dirt bikes.

Lightweight Bike

Many times, kids’ bikes are too heavy for them to handle. If it accidentally falls over, they might not be able to pick it back up if there’s too much weight. Therefore, lightweight bikes are often ideal for beginner riders when they are young.

This bike from Aosom is only 17.6 pounds. Therefore, if the bike tips over, there should be no issues getting it upright. You are sure to appreciate the peace of mind that brings.

With that, this bike also includes training wheels. Balance is important when learning to ride the bike effectively. Therefore, they can balance without fear of falling over.

There is a 55-pound weight capacity for this bike. Therefore, if the child is heavier than that, the bike is too small for them. They could also hit their knees on the handlebars, which is unsafe and painful. Still, for those who are smaller in size, this is a great choice.

Kuberg Young Rider Trial E

Kuberg is another great company, but it is on the higher end for price. Still, it offers high-quality bikes for your kid and is ideal for 6-year-olds.

It is even designed to look like a motorcycle, and the 46-inch bike looks beautiful when it’s brand new. There is no pedal; instead, you get a hand-operated rear brake. The disc brakes are designed for safety, and it offers more control when the rider applies the brakes.

Pair that with the knobby tires, and you’re sure to have excellent power settings. With a high speed of just 17 MPH, your child can learn as they go. There are three power settings on this bike, so it fits the child’s riding capabilities. Plus, you can boost the settings as they gain experience riding the bike.

Yamaha PW50

Yamaha produces great-quality products, and it could have the best bikes on the market. However, the price is a bit higher, but it’s perfect for a 6-year-old.

These balance bikes feature an adjustable throttle restrictor. This is an excellent safety feature, so your child can’t go faster than they can handle. You can control the adjustable throttle restrictor for your rider, turning on the throttle and allowing them more freedom when they increase their skills.

Every kid wants a dirt bike, and this one is excellent. Plus, it’s easy to reach the pedal, ensuring that they can get going quickly.

Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike

The Coolster bike, it’s ideal for 7-year-olds and children up to 13 years old. Whether they’re playing in the mud or riding on the trail, they are sure to enjoy the fun. There’s a wide range of features to like, such as the easy-to-use brake levers. Plus, the pedal provides the power.

Your kid is sure to enjoy riding these bikes. They are designed for quality, and the rider is sure to appreciate the four-stroke engine. With a semi-automatic transmission and CDI ignition, it’s easy to get started.

However, don’t be surprised at the higher price; this is a machine that can grow with your child as they learn.

X-Pro Store Mini Gas Dirt Bike

As a kid, you probably dreamed of riding on a dirt bike. Maybe your parents weren’t as cool, or you had other issues, but you never got one. Now, you can offer this power and excitement to your child.

It features a 110CC 4-stroke engine. This bike brand offers durable brakes and a seat height of 21 inches, making it ideal for children 135 pounds or lighter. These bikes are designed for quality and include a kill switch and foot brake to make them safer for your child to use. They can be on the trail or in a wide range of other situations and have plenty of fun.

Fit Right DB003 Dirt Off-road Bike

Those who are worried about safety are sure to appreciate the Fit Right bike. It’s kid-friendly and ideal for 8-year-olds. The tires are larger, which helps with balance. While it isn’t as lightweight as some of the others, these bikes are designed to offer the best performance with a smooth ride.

The pull-start engine makes it easy to get going, and it runs on gasoline. With that, you don’t have to mix oil/gas, and it’s quieter than some of the other bikes on the market. If you want a high-quality machine, this is the one to get.

Razor MX400 Dirt Bike Motocross

The Motocross Razor is a kid-friendly bike. These bikes have powerful motors with variable speeds, high torque, and much more. However, they only go up to 14 MPH and are ideal for those 13 years or older.

With the Motocross Razor, you get a quality bike. Plus, it features a pedal kickstand to keep it upright when it’s parked. These bikes have 12-inch knobby, pneumatic tires to soften the rough patches, so your child has a smooth ride.


Every kid wants a dirt bike, and you want to choose the best dirt bike brands. These eight options are ideal but remember: they aren’t mountain bikes or pedal bikes. Your kid must understand that they are motorized or run on electricity so safety is the top concern here.

Instead of going to a bike shop to get a kid’s bike, you can go online. The best kids’ bikes are likely those from Yamaha, but other brands have good choices, too.